Tour d’Afrique

Tour d’Afrique

Now for something completely different. These guys provide 5,000+ mile tours in four very exotic locations. However, you can also join in for a week or two along the way, providing a great adventure ride without having to invest months of your life. The trips are: Tour d’Africa, (3 months, 10 countries), Silk Route (3 months, entire continent of Asia), South America (4 months, 8 countries) and Orient Express (6 weeks, Paris to Istanbul). We invite you to go their site and read the amazing blog posts from their riders. At about $100 a day, the price is right. As they say: Don't be surprised to find yourself staying at the odd hostel, bush camp, hospital, guesthouse, or whatever else we come across! Hotels on the rest days are generally in the three to four star range.

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  1. Paul J McManus, Tallahassee, FL-Reply
    November 1, 2016 at 7:45 pm

    I haven’t travelled with many other tour companies but I can say I really respect they way Tour d’Afrique runs their tour. I don’t think there is another tour company out there that organizes tours across entire continents. One of the highlight of their tours is definitely the food. They hire professional chefs to prepare the food and it’s some of the best food I have had. Another element I enjoyed was the flexibility each riding day provided. Since they provide lunch at the half way point and can carry riders and bikes on their trucks you can choose to ride the whole day, half day, or not at all. That’s important on a 4 month bike tour. It also allows you to take your time and do some side exploring if you want. If you are interested in more than you typical bike tour, I’d highly recommend checking them out.