Senior Cycling

Senior Cycling

Senior Cycling offers fully supported tours designed our specifically for active seniors (riders 50 and older). Rides are from 2- to 10-days and cover many regions of the United States, including Florida, Virginia, Maryland and the Erie Canal, as well as day trips in the Washington DC region. "We're not concerned with how far and how fast," says Super-Senior Pat Blackmon, company founder, "We've done that. Now we're concerned with enjoying ourselves." Beginner level trips are about 20-25 miles a day, while advanced trips are longer, and average 40 miles a day. Prices are very reasonable and the accommodations are a blend of inns and B&B's.

Regional Notes:

usa - FL, VA, MD, DC and More!

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  1. Cathy G., Latham, NY-Reply
    February 27, 2023 at 2:40 am

    I was very disappointed in the food and accommodations provided on Le Petit Train du Nord in 2021 as they were not as described in Senior Cycling publications. I had cycled this route before as described in the Senior Cycling publication and the area had an almost European feel so I returned with 3 friends. This trip had a completely different feel and was not as described by Senior Cycling! Rather than small Auberges, we stayed at Super 8, Best Western and other large hotels. We had 2 boxed breakfasts that included a prepackaged muffin, prepackaged yogurt and various other prepackaged items, and one breakfast that was a typical hotel buffet. Dinners were at loud and crowded restaurants. A far cry from a “foodies dream” as advertised! In addition to the food and accommodations, there was only an emergency SAG and not the usual van that is available if one chooses not to cycle on a particular day due to weather or other circumstances. The Senior Cycling tour (my check went to Senior Cycling) had subcontracted to Velo Quebec who provided a reasonable tour at a very good cost if booked directly! The trip was however, not as described in Senior Cycling publications and didn’t reflect the price charged by Senior Cycling. It was truly a case of false marketing!
    I phoned Senior Cycling and was only told thank you for letting us know. I filled out their online form, as did 2 of my friend. The website said that a representative would call regarding our complaint, however we never heard from them.