Red Spokes Adventure Tours

Red Spokes Adventure Tours

Red Spokes Adventure Tours goes on the the highest adventures of any tour company that we've come across. They specialise in remote regions including Laos, Nepal, the Himalayas, Vietnam, Lebanon, Kyrgystan, Syria, Peru ... basically if it's remote and there are places to cycle, they go there!,Starting in 1990 as a collective of cyclists who specialized in riding remote roads in secluded areas of the planet, Red Spokes is now a UK centered touring company with over 40 trips planned each year. From their site: "we are committed to ensuring that our tours not only support the local economies but also respect the local cultures. We do this by employing local guides and drivers, staying mostly in family run accommodation and where possible building relationships with the local communities."

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    Argentina, India, Pakistan, Scotland, Syria, Thailand, Vietnam

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