Boat-Bike Tours

Boat-Bike Tours

Bike and Barge Tour provides a unique combination of cycling and cruising. Choose from more than 70 bike and barge trips in 15 countries or select their full-service Europe tours with a cycling and sailing concept. Cycle at your own pace or in a group with an experienced tour guide. Routes are mainly on flat roads for both beginners and recreationists. Riders receive detailed maps and travel information to stop at the sights each day; those who do not feel like cycling have the option to stay on the boat for a day.

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    Croatia, Czech Republic, Danube, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey

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2 Reviews

  1. Jane Miller-Reply
    May 14, 2023 at 6:05 pm

    Positives: guide was excellent, boat was spacious and clean, bikes were fine, meals were good but a bit bland

    Negatives: limited bar, requirement to buy full bottle of wine rather than by-the-glass; coffee not available before 7:30am (7:00 would be perfect); no Wi-Fi in rooms; no rainy day/evening entertainment (movies, games, etc.); only tiny amount of time touring (95% bike riding and short, coffee stops); pillows were too big and hard; no artificial sweeteners; hair dryer is ancient (too small, very old, weak, sucks in hair & pulls it out); 4 evening meals own-your-own (not as advertised); $25/person for water was too excessive!; would be nice to offer shorter rides for those interested on days when rides were very long

  2. D Connors WI, US-Reply
    March 21, 2020 at 3:06 pm

    BBT Ripping Customers Off
    My wife and I signed up for a tour with BBT and had to cancel due to the coronavirus pandemic. All European countries are on a Level 4 (do not travel to Europe) advisory from the US state department and we are told not to travel due to our age. We were given a cancellation policy at the time of booking and I was resigned to paying the fee which was stated as 30%. When I notified BBT, they at first wanted us to rebook in the future with a credit plus a future payment which makes no sense. When I told them to go ahead and cancel they increased the fee to 40% instead of following the published terms. (They also want bank information sent to them by email and their servers are insecure.) They would not discuss the increase in charges and are taking advantage of the situation. We will file complaints, but it will probably do no good. Other companies and airlines are refunding 100%. We will never do business with this company and recommend not booking travel with them. They can not be trusted. Don’t do business with them.