Aquitaine Bike

Aquitaine Bike

This company, specializing in the Dordogne Valley of France, has a great approach which works well for cyclists who have experience touring and want maximum flexibility and a great cost savings. Aquitaine Tours provides the bikes and luggage transfer and will work with you on setting up a custom tour based on your interests, riding level, and their extensive knowledge of the area. We have first-hand experience with them and found the quality of the bikes to be first-rate, and the help provided by the owner-operators, (a Brit and an American living in France) to be excellent. They have worked as consultants with many of the U.S. and British based touring companies, so this is a way to get the same tour at a fraction of the price. The Dordogne Valley is one of the lesser known regions, but it is rich in gourmet cuisine (home of fois gras and black truffles), fascinating prehistoric art, and charming, virtually traffic-free roads.

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