The only all-women bike tour company in America, specializing in inn-to-inn road bike tours for women only. They provide trips covering a spectrum of abilities, interests and locales. Just a sampling: Argentina, Alaska, Death Valley, and many more in the Northeast, National Parks and along both coasts. Ready to do a cross-country ride across the US? You can choose between a southern passage (58 days) or north-to-south from Minnesota to New Orleans.

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usa - Natl Parks, Cross Country, AL, CA, LA and More!

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  1. Cheryl Honlulu, Hawaii-Reply
    January 8, 2022 at 9:52 pm

    My mother took a tour with Woman Tours a couple of years ago and loved it. Said great things about the guides and had fun. The only sketch part was that they were biking through evacuation zones along the highway. I did not think that they would be riding on the side of highways, but they do. No masks were provided, everyone had to go and find their own, and they were not easy to find at that time. But overall, it sounded like a great time with a wonderful group of ladies.

    It was so much fun that my mother and I decided to join them again for another bike trip this past year. This is why I am writing a review. This Woman Tours company, in my opinion and experience trying to work with them, was not what I thought it was. Turns out, they only care about money. My situation was after paying for the trip, the world pretty much went crazy with COVID and wild fires in the area of the bike trip. Both my mother and I reached out to the company several times to get updates as far as what are their COVID safety measures, and would the trip even be on if the wild fires were continuing to make the air quality in a dangerous range. We pretty much got blown off, like oh we are out riding bikes, so we will get back to you. After more phone calls and emails over weeks, we got word that they don’t cancel bike trips. That is what I feel everyone should know up front. In a crazy time, when everyone is being flexible and going with the flow, this company does not. You have to watch out for your own safety when you decide to go with Woman Tours. I was thinking I shell out all this money, and they take care of me. That is just not the case. When I got the sense that Woman Tours was not caring to communicate with me, I decided for my own safety, I just did not feel comfortable having my mother and myself trying to enjoy a bike riding trip with these conditions going on. The air quality was terrible, and the Delta variant for COVID was beginning. Obviously none of that was Woman Tours fault. I tried to reach out a few more times and was ignored. So the next part is Woman Tours does have a refund policy, and I would carefully review that before handing them any money. And know that they do not cancel bike trips. So after paying thousands of dollars, I was refunded 400$. OK, so this brings me to my last part of my review. Once I was clear that I would not get much of any refund, or a credit towards a future tour, I thought, well maybe I should just go. If they are going, and I already am out all this money, I will just go and hope for the best. Well, that email was the first time I received a timely response. I was told, no that is not possible because we already filled your two spots. So, that is my experience with Woman Tours. I am glad that I did not go anyways because for a few of the days they were not able to ride bike because of the smoke, so they were inside. Also, I saw a picture of everyone in a van with no masks on. So, if you decide to go, I hope none of this happens to you. I know many ladies love them and go again and again. For me, I will not be trying to go on any of their tours because of the safety concerns. Be careful and have fun if you do go. Thank you so much for reading what I experienced.

  2. marilyn kansas city, USA-Reply
    October 25, 2018 at 4:06 pm

    I have done 10 tours with this organization—guess that shows I like them!! I have done mostly epic tours, 2 weeks or longer. The service is great. The guides are knowledgeable, caring, and make the whole process really work. If you like to ride with women, without competition this is the company for you! The age of the riders is usually late 40’s to 75, with most in their 50’s and 60’s but don’t be fooled–there are strong riders who tackle the mountains and the miles.

  3. marilyn kansas city, USA-Reply
    February 23, 2018 at 1:40 am

    I have done 6 tours with them—from 6 days to a month and am signed up for two more. I find the staff and guides to be exceptional. On the longer tours the cook and chuck wagon travel along and cook the best meals around. Recommend them highly.