Another owner-operated tour company, this one started in the early 90's, and specializing in the entire Asian region (15 countries, including Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, China, et al). They provide a large range of options from day to multi-week trips, and a wide variety of excurisions. Their local expertise shows in the choice of lodging as well. From the site: Always aiming for local charm, we use the best of what is available Often 3-4 star hotels but sometimes we find a great route runs through an area where there isn't any accommodation, so we find a local family that is happy to work with us (North Thailand and North Laos) or we approach the local Buddhist monastery and arrange to stay as guests of the monks (Burma). As we find with many localized operators, they will design a custom tour for groups of any sizze. SpiceRoads requires only a minimum of 2 reservations and their group tours are never larger than 16 people.

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    Asia, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam

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3 Reviews

  1. Thomas Heidenberger, Washington, DC-Reply
    April 5, 2019 at 12:39 pm

    Bring your own bike!
    Between the two of us we own 9 bikes and often travel with them. Due to logistics and not cost/expense we could not travel with our bikes.
    We rented from Spice Roads for our 9 days of cycling the Ho Chi Minh Highway: over 900 km with extensive climbs. We brought our own saddles and peddles.
    Despite giving them our measurements and bike frame sizes, the bikes were too small. The bikes were also not properly maintained: no rear brakes, heavy layers of grease on chain causing the chain to “jump” constantly when shifting. While Spice Roads said the bikes were “recent” this is not the case. 4-6 years old.
    If cycling only one day and 15-25 km the bikes might be adequate to a novice cyclist but given the information they provide one would think that they are better organized with decent equipment. Not for a long ride over multiple days.
    To be fair to our guide who also was an excellent mechanic, he could only do so much and we truly felt sorry for him.

  2. E. Sonet, New Rochelle, NY-Reply
    November 1, 2016 at 7:43 pm

    We took a 2 week bike tour with Spice Roads through Vietnan. The staff was not experienced enough to respond efficiently to issues related to bad weather and road closings. The tour guide was a strong biker but not well versed in the history and culture of his country. The trip was economy priced, and that was evident in the hotels and level of customer service. The saving grace was the spectacular countryside. The biking was great though the long days of biking in the hot sun are best suited to strong bikers.

  3. Jance Karsh-Reply
    November 1, 2016 at 7:43 pm

    I was a bit worried about traveling in Asia, and frankly about taking a bike tour. However, I was soon put at ease. SpiceRoads answered all my pre-tour questions. They helped with my Visa, and communicated clearly about exact cycling days and what to expect on the tour.They are pretty clear that the support responsible tourism and solicited my participation in their upcoming Tour of Hope, which supports funding for cervical cancer research. I fully recommend them.