Lizardhead Cycling Tours

Lizardhead Cycling Tours

Lizardhead Cycling is a Colorado-based company providing vehicle-supported road & mountain bike tours through some of the wildest, most beautiful and inaccessible areas in the American West and Canada. Guides lead some of the most spectacular Colorado Bicycle Tours and US-based bike tours anywhere.

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  1. Anonymous-Reply
    October 16, 2018 at 12:36 pm

    We rode the Hayduke and Kokopelli earlier this year with Lizard Head. This is not a company I would recommend. There was one support truck and two guides, who worked their butts off. The truck could carry, at most, 7 people, but there were 13 riders – of all levels – plus the 2 guides. Consequently, it was almost impossible to provide even basic support (food & water) to the fast as well as the slow. We were told we would not need gps units, not to bother bringing them. We debated long and hard about taking our ancient backpacking Garmin Oregon unit. We finally chucked it in our bags last minute. It saved our butts on more than one occasion. We received last minute emails regarding maps to bring – after we had already left home to drive out to Utah. I was able to get some of the maps sent to our hotel in Utah, but the main map was out of stock everywhere on the internet as well as the 2 REIs we stopped at. All of this became even more problematic as the route had to be changed to make up a rain-day delay. There were insufficient food supplied for the first 3 or 4 days – until a group complained – and it was the same with the promised daily “showers.” The route maps were printed off at such a small scale as to be useless, there were no cue sheets, and never enough for everyone to have one. There was verbal information provided but it was doled out in a casual piecemeal way such that everyone had differing understandings. I have ridden with probably 10 different tour companies, as well as some self-supported rides, everything from 3 days to 3 months, road and dirt routes. Never encountered anything even remotely as poorly done as Lizard Head. The last straw was one rider’s personal bike falling off the roof of the van on the freeway on way to the airport. Yikes.