IronDonkey Tours

IronDonkey Tours

There are two unique and interesting features which makes IronDonkey stand out in the bike tour industry. First of all, they have the most extensive list of trips in the UK that we've seen: Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland (as well as Italy and Spain). The main idea is to find regions in these countries that make for excellent bicycle touring (great scenery, low-traffic roads, good accommodations, varied sites of interest, etc.). Secondly, they are incredibly flexible in adjusting trips to all levels of ability (through optional distance and climbing add-ons). By building a variety of routes in each region, they are able to custom fit the tour for each guest, not force the guest to fit to the tour. They provide guided and self-guided tours, and even divide the self-guided trips into three levels: those with medium level of support, low levels (called an independent tour), or custom group tours based on your preferences. As they say, they offer tours to the whole cycling spectrum – from newcomers right up to seasoned club riders – with route options for all abilities.

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    Regional Operator
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    England, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Spain, Wales

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