Deluxe Cycle Tours

Deluxe Cycle Tours

This UK based company provides high-end tours in France and Spain, while still giving you a good "bang for your buck". Their site has a very helpful chart comparing them to the other luxury operators that shows that they do provide the same service for a lower price (especially if you are paying in pounds, as the dollar conversion does erode some of the savings).

They tour some of our favorite regions, those that tend to be a little easier for the beginner and low-intermediate rider (Provence, Loire Valley, Camino de Santiago). Everything is included in the price (bike rental, helmets, wine at dinner), so this, along with the reasonably short 30 miles a day is a plus for the first-time tour rider. We also like that they are UK based, so if you are American, most of your riding companions will provide additional cultural diversity.

  • Operator Type:
    Full-Service Operator, Regional Operator
  • Website:
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  • Avg Price Per Day:
  • Services:
    Bike Provided, Guided, SAG Van, Self-Guided, Tour Guide
  • Country:
    France, Spain

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3 Reviews

  1. Tim Butler, Tucson, AZ-Reply
    October 31, 2016 at 8:01 pm

    My wife and I did a tour in Provence with this company in June of 2014 and found them to be absolutely wonderful. It is a small company and Gary, the owner, was our head guide. He has taken great care to craft the daily routes to maximize the beauty of the countryside and minimize traffic issues. Our accommodations each night were first class, as were the dinners. Gary selected very nice bottles of wine each night (not just “house wines”!). We are already planning another tour with Deluxe Cycle Tours.

  2. M. Vowels, Sydney, NSW-Reply
    October 31, 2016 at 8:01 pm

    My wife and I undertook the Dordogne tour. We are over 65 yo and found the quality and ease of the ride was as expected and well within our capabilities, accommodation and food were well and truly 5 star. The tour organiser and assistant were extremely capable, equipment left nothing to be desired and it was a pleasure to be with them. A most enjoyable and rewarding experience, value for money and we highly commended this tour.

  3. Megan S., Salida CO-Reply
    October 31, 2016 at 8:00 pm

    Just spent a really great week with these fellows and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The routes, accommodations, food and company were delightful. It was my introduction to France where I will be staying for a couple of weeks and it was a great way to begin an extended trip. They helped me develop a better understanding of the language and culture so now that I’m traveling solo I feel much more confident (all while biking through beautiful places). In addition, they are very well organized with detailed routes given to each rider and history of the areas being visited. I highly recommend them!