CycleTours Holidays

CycleTours Holidays

CycleTours Holidays Bike and Barge is becoming a very popular alternative to the traditional Cycling Holiday. Cycletours, established in 1988, is one of the largest and longest running providers of these types of trips. Holland is one of the flattest countries in Europe, so even a novice rider will enjoy it. Also famed for its excellent cycling infrastructure, bicycle paths in this region are well-maintained, and safely separated from busy roads. Because it is a small country and there are large very modern cities separated by beautiful rural countryside, you can experience both a bustling cultural metropolis at night and a sleepy farmers' village on the same day. In addition to the Bike and Barge tours, Cycletours provide an array of traditional so called Bed and Bike tours through Holland as well as Germany, France, Portugal, Belgium and Spain.

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