Cycle Canada

Cycle Canada

Supported tours throughout Canada for about $99 a day. An excellent deal for people looking for guided tours at a reasonable price. Rides include - Tour TransCanada (across Canada), Tour Pacific (Vancouver -> Calgary), Tour Atlantic (Halifax -> Baddeck) and Tour Arctic (a little pricier). Accommodation is mainly camping with average riding distance of 65 miles per day. There is a support vehicle, and meals are catered by staff. Cycle Canada also offers one week tours with indoor accommodation including The BiQue Ride and Voyageur Route. These run at an affordable $130.00 a day. Operating since 1988.

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  1. Amanda Sutton Arizona USA-Reply
    August 22, 2017 at 3:34 am

    I went with this company on the Quebec tour and want to warn others. This is not a guided tour. Although they say on their web site that there is support it is not at all adequate. We had one young person who drove the van with the luggage. He had never been on the route. He was not a biker and knew nothing about bikes. He was not familiar with the area we were going to be traveling to. He had only done one trip with this company before he was sent on our trip. It was laughably unsupported. We were given cue sheets for the day and these directions were frequently wrong so that I missed turns or stops for lunch. I found my way myself and found my own eating spots.
    The prices are good for the tours but the accommodations varied from really nice to passable. Also this tour was poorly attended so there was not group to share with.