Biking Plus

Biking Plus

Biking Plus is a new company that hosts luxury guided tours in Belgium. Cycling tours vary in duration and are known to make riders "fall head over heels (but not over the handlebars) in love with Belgium". There is a tour in conjunction with the Tour de Flanders which is one week, but climaxes in two days where you watch the professionals from the VIP section in the front row, and then ride the same route the next day. Or Authentic Flanders which is an extensive 8 day tour of the charming towns in Flanders, (Ghent, Bruges, etc). From their site: ... with immersion into the rich cultural heritage of Flanders, eyewitness World War I sites, sporadically walk through unique towns, sample beers and chocolates at breweries, enjoy Flemish cuisine such as the Belgian mussels and chips, and more!

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