Bicycle Adventures

Bicycle Adventures

Providing excellent service Bicycle Adventures operates in the United States as well as around the globe. With top tour leaders and first class lodging every where you go. Value is what you get when taking a tour with Bicycle Adventures, giving you a fun, active, safe, scenic, and absolutely care-free vacation. Keeping their expertise focused on select regions, rather than spreading themselves thin all over the world.

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    Canada, Chile, Croatia, New Zealand, Peru, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain, Taiwan, United States

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  1. Howie Wiener, Philadelphia, USA-Reply
    April 30, 2018 at 10:09 pm

    I’ve now taken about ten trips with BA, so you know I must like the company. I don’t just like the company; I LOVE the company. I’ve ridden a bike for over 40 years and take 1-2 bike trips a year, so I’ve taken many, many trips. This company is run exactly the way I’d run a company if I ran a bike touring company. Lodging and meals are first rate. The guides are uniformly excellent. The trip planning is just perfect. You will see all that the area has to offer; you would never be able to see as much if you went on your own, because BA (a) knows the areas it offers tours in inside and out, and (b) does exceptional planning. Lunch is one example. Instead of eating in a restaurant, which is time-consuming during the day, each day the guides set up lunch outdoors at some pretty location along the day’s route, with a two-hour window (say, 11:00 to 1:00). They can accommodate all food preferences, allergies, etc. without adversely affecting what YOU will be eating. And the lunches are always great. The office staff (ask for Julie) provides superb support, particularly with respect to pre- and post-trip arrangements. For example, I was in Portland for a day or two between trips, and I asked what I should see and do that day and how to do it. I got the best advice and had a day I’ll always remember. I’d say my favorite trips were Bryce-Zion (if you don’t see these parks in your lifetime, shame on you), Crater Lake and the Canadian Rockies (you will never see any better scenery anywhere, and I’ve been to many beautiful places), and the San Juan Islands (amazing restaurants–and I live in a great restaurant city–and a wonderful place to ride). They’ll provide you with a high quality bike and set it up as you request. And don’t be shy about asking for things. When I was in Bryce, the heat was really getting to me, so I asked the guides to buy some V-8 juice so I could minimize dehydration, and within a day I had my own case of V-8. The guides do everything they can to accommodate your needs and preferences.