Bicycle Adventure Club

Bicycle Adventure Club

If you’re experiencing a little “sticker shock” at the prices of a supported bike tour in Europe, this might be a good alternative. Riding with these folks will cost less than half the daily price of the average tour group (about $100 a day for most of their tours). So what’s the catch? First of all, this is a non-profit group, and volunteers put together the tours. Second, you’ve got to bring your own bike.

Third, most trips are two weeks, versus the typical one week that the other groups offer. BAC tours have van support, although on some of them the participants have to share van-driving duties. The biggest catch is that they don’t offer a huge choice of trips, and you have to plan WAY in advance, because many of the trips fill up quickly. Companions - With this group you’ll be riding with much more independent, experienced cyclists. Expect to meet lots of teachers, small-business owners and other self-sufficient types. Each tour varies so much in quality level (some are 2-star, some 4-star), that the same is true of the average participant.

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    Full-Service Operator
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    SAG Van, Tour Guide
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    Holland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain

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