Ave Bicycle Tours

Ave Bicycle Tours

Here is another Czech-based bike tour operator, leading trips in one of our favorite value-oriented biking regions. This group provides either self-guided or fully-guided itineraries through many of the best biking areas in the Czech Republic: the Prague-Viena Greenways, the Moravian wine and bike trails, and the Bohemian UNESCO Heritage tour, plus many others. Their prices are extremeley reasonable, and they provide several niceties that you typically get with more expensive groups, such as pickup from the airport or any Prague hotel the first day of the tour, wine with dinner, etc. You can pay extra for certain things only if you want them (pre-programmed GPS, bike rental, transport from Prague airport to hotel, etc). They also have one-day trips from Prague, ideal for the European traveler that just wants to get a taste of adventure travel in the Czech Republic.

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    Regional Operator
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    Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy

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