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Alaska Bike

Run by two brothers who know EVERYTHING about biking Alaska. Fully supported tours in both the well-known and lesser-traveled area of the state. Custom tours can be created for groups of 6 or more. From their site: "Between the two of us we have lived over 65 years in Alaska. We have traveled to every section of the state. Its our home because we love it. It is very important to us that our guests get to see the why. We don't care to run tours all over the world. Our passion is to be the very best at showing you our home, Alaska. "

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  1. Jason Stotler Georgia, USA-Reply
    July 4, 2019 at 2:08 am

    My wife and I did the seven day bike tour. So this isn’t the tour for you if want to ride 5 or 10 miles and then stay in a posh hotel every night with all the other thousands of tourists. If on the other hand you love cycling and want to see parts of Alaska that you never get to see from the cruise ship excursion buses then this is absolutely the bike tour for you.

  2. Howie Wiener, Philadelphia, USA-Reply
    April 30, 2018 at 9:34 pm

    I’ve taken two bike trips in Alaska. The first, in 1993 with friends, was loaded touring. While it was a great trip, I never prepared for a bike trip so much beforehand (and if we had not, it would have been a bad trip). Alaska is just a different animal. When you’re up there, other than people speaking English you feel like you’re in a foreign country (and most of the time you are – in
    Canada). Since then, I’ve told other cyclists that if you want to ride in Alaska, go with a bike tour company. So last summer, I rode with Alaska Bike. It was a very good choice. I did the Yukon Tour, which is mostly in Canada (in the Yukon Territory). You will ride in pretty remote areas. You’ll experience “the wilderness.” Everyone should see Alaska in their lifetimes. The biggest city is White Horse (20,000 people, no cell phone service). The next biggest is Dawson City (population around 2,000). The roads are paved, but not very smooth. Although the company provides you with Cannondales, which are known for being unforgiving on rough pavement, the company likes them because they are rugged. With wider tires and less pressure, it was not too bad. Maybe that was because I expected worse. Walt (the owner) and Greg (his son) were our two guides. They both know Alaska inside and out. Walt in particular knows every mile of the route you’ll be taking, and he’s very good at using the van to drive you over the less-good parts and let you ride the best parts. Not only will you be in good hands during the entire trip, but they are happy to educate you about Alaska if you’re interested. The Yukon trip is particularly interesting because you learn a great deal about the great Alaska gold rush, which is fascinating. Expect decent but never luxurious lodging, ok food (hey, it’s the Yukon!), and some beautiful scenery. The scenery isn’t terrific every day, but when it is you will just stand there and take it all in. Try to talk to the inhabitants so you can learn about life up there. There is rarely cell phone service, but you can usually get Internet service at the hotels/motels you’ll be staying at. Learn how to do “WiFi calling” on your cell phone so you can talk to people over the Internet (it works great). Finally, ask Walt and Greg for help with transportation, etc. before and after the bike tour.

  3. Dennis Hood Gainesville Georgia-Reply
    November 18, 2017 at 11:39 pm

    We went on the Adventure Tour with Alaska Bike In July . Thank you Walt and Greg for putting together such a great tour, loved the cabins, room, food, every outting was over the top. This tour is the best way to see Alaska would not change anything. Greg and Tyler our guides were awesome, we felt like they were part of our family. Hope to do this trip again Dennis, Deloris and Daphne

  4. Jeff Blumenthal, Chicago IL-Reply
    October 16, 2017 at 4:59 pm

    Seven day bicycle tour of Alaska, originating and ending in Anchorage. AlaskaBike is run by Walt Rowland, an Anchorage local for more than 40 years. He has a wealth of knowledge. Familiar with the terrain. Adept at adjusting on the fly to fit weather conditions and his riders’ capabilities. Spectacular routes. Extremely well organized, getting you to places you could not imagine. Great food and company. The experience of a lifetime.

  5. Lori Kahn, Newton, MA-Reply
    October 7, 2017 at 1:12 am

    Sign up immediately! Don’t wait to take one or many of the fabulous Alaska Bike cycling trips. We have done two of them and are looking forward to our next one. What you get is Alaska brought to you by home born guides. You get the nooks and crannies, the crags and heights of Alaska all on bicycles that are perfectly suited to the terrain. The guides are totally there for you as you need it ; whether being picked up by the van when you can’t pedal another mile, pumping you up to tackle more miles with their dynamite Alaska Nugget cookies or sharing local stories or answering historical information about where you’re cycling. When you cycle with AlaskaBike, with each mile you get a genuine taste of the Alaska experience: freedom, independence, amazing beauty and you feel all the stronger for it!

  6. Sharla McCall, Sacramento, CA-Reply
    October 4, 2017 at 4:45 am

    My friend and I are married ladies, in our early 60s.  We left the lower 48, jobs, husbands and fur babies behind for an Alaskabike Adventure.

    As Alaskabike advertises, you’ll stay each night in the “best available”.  The accommodations were great!   Each place was cozy, had unique character, electricity and running water. The food was delicious and I never went hungry. Even out on the road, in the middle of “no where’s ville” our tour guides Jim and Greg made sure there was plenty of yummy stuff to eat and drink.

    Remember, sometimes you are in remote Alaska. Occasionally there are no facilities. However, there are lots of facilTREES available. Boys to the left, girls to the right.

    In 5 simple words, “I had an absolute blast!” Yes, I’ll do it again.

  7. Diana Tavolario, Rancho Murieta CA-Reply
    October 4, 2017 at 4:07 am

    Great week. Variety of activities, kayaking amongst the icebergs, hiking on a glacier, biking through beautiful country. The staff was great and felt like family. Able to go at your own pace. Would recommend this bike tour for everyone

  8. Janet Lynch, Visalia California-Reply
    October 4, 2017 at 2:49 am

    Between July 16 and 23, I rode on the Alaskabike Alaska Bike Tour, and I want you to know what a pleasure it was. You provided many extras to make my experience epic. First off, my traveling companion and cycling partner of over forty years, Penney Olson, and I were amazed that you would go to all the trouble of a complete tour just for the two of us! The accommodations, meals, route, and tour guides were all great.

    I liked all the places we stayed, but I do have some favorites. I appreciated that the motel the night before the beginning of the tour was included in the cost. I especially relished our nights at The Perch and The Tangle Lakes River Inn where I got to experience the splendor of wild Alaska while meeting some colorful Alaskans. At the Tangle Lakes River Inn, I drank Alaskan beer and ate fresh Alaskan cod while watching a beaver drag a branch across the Denali Highway. Where else in the world could I enjoy such a unique event?

    The meals on the tour were superb. It was hard to believe we could order off the menu for breakfast and dinner. I had some delicious meals: fresh pan-fried trout, bacon-wrapped scallops, and halibut cheeks mimosa to name my favorites. The roadside picnic lunches were also satisfying and complete with sandwiches, wraps, fruit, and homemade cookies. I have been on bicycle tours where only one dinner was included, so in comparison, your generous offering really shines.

    The route included many wonderful sights including Denali, the Gulkana Glacier, and the Alaskan, Wrangell, and Chugach mountain ranges. For the most part, the highways were well paved with an ample shoulder. The fenders on the bikes came in handy when we rode through a few patches of roadwork. Traffic was light to moderate most of the time.

    I also enjoyed the ferry ride from Valdez to Whittier. When I saw the cruise ships docked at our destination, I felt sorry for their clientele. Yes, they got to view the beauty of Alaska, but how boring it seemed to me in comparison to our grand venue of 367 miles astride a bicycle. I have been blissfully dreaming about biking in Alaska in full color several nights since I’ve been home. It’s a deeply satisfying feeling to have my Alaska trip as part of my persona. Thank you so much, Walt and Greg. I had a wonderful time, and I’m recommending your company to all my cycling friends.

  9. Kerri - Oregon-Reply
    October 3, 2017 at 12:02 am

    My family is not the “tour going” type. Dad tends to be more of the do it yourself, no frills builds character type of guy. My mom just happens to be tough as nails and puts up with it. On a whim my mom decided that this family vacation was going to be some adventure bike tour in Alaska. While my sisters and I played along, we were all a little worried that we might be underwhelmed. The term “adventure” can take on a lot of different meanings. We all, including dad, left convinced it was the best family vacation we’d ever had.

    Greg does a fantastic job of maintaining the integrity of a “Bike Tour” while accommodating folks at all levels. While most are struck by his charisma and confidence, I was impressed with his ability to be flexible and safely challenge folks just beyond their comfort zone, which is what you want out of an “adventure tour.” By expecting the unexpected and having a positive attitude there is no way you wont have fun.

  10. David Sexton, San Francisco, CA, USA-Reply
    October 2, 2017 at 11:25 am

    I’ve always been curious about Alaska, and this tour definitely made me feel like I’ve seen Alaska. Greg and Tyler, the tour guides, were really spectacular. They are warm, welcoming, incredibly helpful, and fun!

    We did the ride to Fairbanks, and then down to Valdez. We were admittedly lucky with the weather, sunny and 75 every day. We saw all kinds of animals, glaciers, and scenery that will blow your mind. I have vivid pictures in my head right now as I’m writing this.

    I’ve been all over the world riding my bike, and Alaska turns out to be quite exotic and unique. One of my favorite tours ever.

  11. Jo Ann Zahner Kansas City, MO-Reply
    October 2, 2017 at 12:56 am

    I signed up for the Alaska Bike Adventure tour as a single person. I was excited and figured it would be alot of fun but I had no idea HOW MUCH FUN IT WOULD BE!
    I’m a medium fit person in my late 50’s and although I was concerned this would be too much for me – the way they break it up during the day makes it very manageable and easy to accomplish. The guides are superb and knowledgeable about the areas.
    I had so much fun biking, hiking and kayaking.
    It was a trip of a lifetime for me (although I would like to make it TWO trips in a lifetime).

    I highly recommend it for anyone who really wants to see and learn about Alaska!