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Regional & Specialized Tour Operators

Europe & Worldwide ....... United States & Canada ...... Asia, Australia, New Zealand ...... Chart of All Companies

So why would you choose a regional or specialized company instead of one of the large U.S.-based operators? Number one reason: price. Without the cost of expensive advertising and fancy brochures, these tours are much less expensive. But you have to be flexible: many of these companies only put on a handful of trips, or they only provide self-guided trips. Personally, I split up my bike travel between both types of tour companies. We don't recommend going this route unless you are a seasoned rider and seasoned traveler, but if you fit that profile and have flexibility, it is a great way to go. Here are the pros and cons:


  • less expensive ... often half the price of comparable trips by the large bike tour companies
  • more local flavor, especially if they are based in the region you are riding
  • if self-guided, your travel dates are flexible
  • flexibility: many of these providers will tailor a trip around your special needs and interests


  • if self-guided, you will have to fix your own flats, decifer the route sheets on your own, and if there are weather problems, there probably won't be a SAG van.
  • if guided, you may only have one guide who drives the SAG van, so you won't be receiving the hand-holding you get with the larger operators
  • while setting up the trip, small operators may not be as responsive, and local ones usually do not have a toll free number. you will likely use email to correspond and it may a day or two to get a response.

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A2Z Adventures ind/ita/fra/por/tur +
Adventure Center afr/cze/ind/ire/ita/fra/por/soa/slo/tur/vie +
Active New Zealand nze
Alaska Bicycle Tours usa - Alaska
America by Bike usa
Amore Bella Adventures bel/ita
Aquitaine Tours fra - Dordogne
Around Wisconsin usa - Wisconsin
At Your Pace usa - Colorado
Austria Radreisen aus/bel/cze/den/eng/fra/ger/hun/ita/net/pol/spa/swi
Ave Bicycle Tours aus/cro/cze/ger/ita
Azores Mtn Bike Holidays por - Azores
Best of the Pyrenees fra - Pyrenees
Beyond Boundaries afr/asi/den/jor/isr/slo/soa/tha
Bicycle Adventures usa/can/nze
Bike Spain aus/bel/cro/fra/ger/ire/ita/por/slo/spa/swi
Bike Switzerland swi
Bike Vermont usa/can/ita/ire/sco
Bike It N Hike It aus
Biking Plus bel
Biko Adventures czr - Prague
Bravo Bike Tours spa/swi
Breaking Away Bicycle Tours aus/ger/ita/spa/swi
Buckeye Country Roads Bicycle Tours usa - OH
Carolina Tailwinds usa - NC, VA, MD
Central Coast Outdoors usa - CA
Creative Catalonia spa - Costa Brava
Crossroads Cycling usa - cross country tour
Cycle Breaks eng/fra/ire/spa/ita
Cycle Canada can
Cycle Classic Tours bel/fra/ita/net
Cycle Greece grc
CycleTours Holidays hol/ger/fra/can +
Cycling Classics fra/spa
Cycling Gems aus/afr/fra/uk
Cycling through the Centuries fra/por/spa
Deluxe Cycle Tours fra/spa
Discover Tuscany ita - Tuscany
Digngo fra/ita
Dreamtrips ita - Piedmonte, others
Earn the View! usa - California
Easy Rider Tours ire/por/spa/usa (new england)
Echelon Luxury Cycling Tours por/spa
Experience Plus! arg/asi/aus/bel/can/cro/fra/ger/hun/ind/ire/ita/nze/sco/slo/spa/usa/vie +
Eurocycle aus/bel/cze/eng/ger/grc/ire/ita/fra/lat/por/rom/slo/spa/swi +
Explore! cub/cam/cze/eng/ind/ita/tha/soa/spa/tur/vie +
Fold N' Visit spa/por
Freewheel Holidays aus/ita/fra/spa/cze/hol/ire
FreeWheelin' Bike Tours usa - New Orleans
Girona Bike Tours spa - Girona
Gourmet CyclingTours fra/spa/usa
Green Island Tours aus/ire/tas - Tasmania
Grimes Getaways usa - California: Wine Country, Yosemite, etc
HC Bike Tours aus/fra/ger/ita/spa
Holland Bike Tours hol
IdleFast fra/ita/usa
In Situ ita/fra/spa/ger
IronDonkey eng/ire/ita/sco/spa/wal
Italia Outdoors ita
KE Adventure cub/gau/ger/ind/ita/mor/nep/pak/saf/sco/tha/tib/tur/vie +
Lake Como Cycling fra/ita/spa/swi
LifeCycle Adventure usa - Northern California, Wine Country
Live Love Ride - Portugal Bike Tours por
Londay Cycle Holidays eng
Mercurio aus/ger
Meridien Ten cro/ita +
Open Road Open Skies Ltd. eng/ire/sco/wales
Outfitter Bicycle Tours fra/ita/usa
Pedalers Pub & Grille asi/usa/nze +
PedalTours asi/aus/ind/nze +
Provence Cycling Holidays fra - Provence
Red Spokes arg/chi/ind/ire/pak/per/sco/syr/tha/tib/vie +
Ride25 eng/ita/fra/swi
Ride Strong fra/ita/spa/nep
Russian Cycle Touring Club rus
Senior Cycling usa - FL, VA, MD, DC, others
Sojourn Bicycling Vacations usa - AZ, CA, MA, ME, OR, TX, VT, others/can - ON, QC
Sole & Bike ita - Sicily
Southern Visions cro, ita - Puglia
Spice Roads asi - vie/thai/burma, others
SportsPulsions fra/net
Spyns fra/ire/ita/mor/spa +
Tour d'Afrique afr/asi/soa/
Tour du Canada can
TopBicycle aus/cze/ger/hun/pol/slo
TradNatura Sport hun
Unusual Tours usa - Oregon
Viadelsole - Italy Cycling Tours ita
WomanTours usa - Natl Parks, Cross Country, AL, CA, LA others

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Europe and Worldwide

A2Z Adventures - Owned and operated by Portuguese riders with extensive experience, is the “go to” place for bike touring in Portugal. Many riders are finding this country to be at the top of their list, with its reasonable prices, uncrowded roads, gorgeous scenery and great food. All their guides are local, with extensive knowledge of Portuguese culture and history, and the tours focus on unique places with few tourists. Choose from a variety of tours with different levels of accommodations, prices and difficulty.  They also offer the following tours, Road: Sicily, the Pyrenees (Spain and France), Mountain Biking: Patagonia, Himalayas, Turkey. Rider Reviews

Adventure Center -   A US-based company that provides reasonably-priced biking trips both on and off road in locales throughout the world (over 50 different cycling trips in 25 countries!) Just a sampling of rides: Western Europe (Italy, France, Ireland), Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia), Asia & Pacific Rim (China, Vietnam, New Zealand, Mongolia and Nepal), The Americas (Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Nicaragua) and Africa.

Amore Bella Adventures - With over three decades of training and travel experience, Amore Bella Adventures focuses on providing small group, catered, training, and excursions. Their founders are all very experienced with Scuba training and certification as well, so this is the first company we have seen that has the ability to blend scuba diving and cycling. Having lived and traveled in the areas where tours are offered, guides know the peaks and puddles, the people and the places to which riders are introduced. From legendary sites in Italy, to special greetings from locals and using family-owned lodging in Belgium, the goal here is to get all facets of the "familia"-type guided cycling excursions.

Aquitaine Bike -  This company, specializing in the Dordogne Valley of France, has a great approach which works well for cyclists who have experience touring and want maximum flexibility and a great cost savings. Aquitaine Tours provides the bikes and luggage transfer and will work with you on setting up a custom tour based on your interests, riding level, and their extensive knowledge of the area. We have first-hand experience with them and found the quality of the bikes to be first-rate, and the help provided by the owner-operators, (a Brit and an American living in France) to be excellent. They have worked as consultants with many of the U.S. and British based touring companies, so this is a way to get the same tour at a fraction of the price. The Dordogne Valley is one of the lesser known regions, but it is rich in gourmet cuisine (home of fois gras and black truffles), fascinating prehistoric art, and charming, virtually traffic-free roads.

Austria Radreisen - Established in 1981 with one female employee, minibus, and bike tour along the legendary Danube Cycle Path (never before done), this company has become one of Europe's biggest bicycle tour operators, establishing itself as a successful enterprise with years of experience and numerous accolades to show for it. Austria Radreisen offers holiday and bike tours most notably in Germany, Austria, and Europe and provides travelers with complete itinerary planning, comfortable and secure luggage transfer, individualized solutions, and over 35 years of experience in organizing cycling holidays.

Ave Bicycle Tours - Here is another Czech-based bike tour operator, leading trips in one of our favorite value-oriented biking regions. This group provides either self-guided or fully-guided itineraries through many of the best biking areas in the Czech Republic: the Prague-Viena Greenways, the Moravian wine and bike trails, and the Bohemian UNESCO Heritage tour, plus many others. Their prices are extremeley reasonable, and they provide several niceties that you typically get with more expensive groups, such as pickup from the airport or any Prague hotel the first day of the tour, wine with dinner, etc. You can pay extra for certain things only if you want them (pre-programmed GPS, bike rental, transport from Prague airport to hotel, etc). They also have one-day trips from Prague, ideal for the European traveler that just wants to get a taste of adventure travel in the Czech Republic.

Azores Mtn Bike Holidays The Azores is a group of islands west of Portugal that has become a popular destination for mountain bike riders. This company provides the best of the region's enduro / downhill and all-mountain rides in the region. They are flexible, adjusting the difficulty based on the experience of the riders and will work with you to customize to your taste and abilities. They have an all-day shuttle service to bring downhill riders back up the mountain, although uphills rider have that option as well. Technical support, SAG, bike rental, etc., is provided as well.

Best of Pyrenees - This company is based around it's fascinating founder, Jean-Philippe Soule', who traveled around the world as a professional photographer, founded the Native Planet NGO to help Indigenous people, AND was a Microsoft executive in Seattle. Best of the Pyrenees provides bicycle tours through the most spectacular mountainous regions of France. The bike tour options are the Pyrenees, Dordogne, Alps, Provence (Mt Ventoux ... this isn't one of those easy Provencial tours!) and Corsica. The mountain routes are challenging, but there are easier options for those who "want the beauty but not the pain." All itineraries are custom made to your desires and abilities and be done supported, guided or self-guided. The three main regions they travel to are split into three websites:

BeyondBoundaries Travel is another high adventure bike travel company, specializing in very interesting regions including Jordan, Israel, Slovenia and South Africa. They also stage Bike and Boat tours in Denmark, Croatia, Thailand/Vietnam, and Slovenia. Accomodations range from luxury tents while biking through a South African Game Preserve to hotels and country lodges in Israel. In business for over 12 years, this Colorado company started as a adventure ski tour operator. They now provide theme-based travel all over the world. From their site: "... since the begining we have become recognized as an innovator in packaged travel and have been at the forefront of new tour ideas since then."

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Bike Switzerland Switzerland's premier bicycle tour company. Go to Bike Switzerland (on the main Company Reviews page)

Bike Vermont with 35 Years of providing bike tours, Bike Vermont's expertise is touring the northeast of the US (Vermont, Maine, Maryland, Quebec and Cape Cod). In addition, they've transferred this wealth of touring knowledge to Italy, Ireland and Scotland. With options from 2 to 6 nights, there are choices for everyone, and riders are encouraged to go at their own pace. Accomodations are classic inns of the region. From their site: ... we take great pride in showing you the most beautiful and least traveled corners of our special world.

Bike It N Hike It showcasing the best that Victoria, Australia has to offer, this company is a small operation that offers trails for beginner to intermediate cyclists. Specializing in working with all ages, from adults to children, and showing the region's best features while avoiding the touristy destinations. From their website: Enjoy walking trails, magical countrysides, penguins, places that many have never seen, and more!

Bike Spain Tours offering tours in Europe with a speciality in Spain. Choose from tours in Madrid, Green Spain (known for culinary masterpieces), wine country, and even Vuelta - Tour de France - Giro d'Italia where you can take advantage of Bike Spain Tours special VIP access and privileges. Tours vary from guided, self-guided, paradores, deluxe, e-bike, racing, and more.

Biking Plus is a new company that hosts luxury guided tours in Belgium. Cycling tours vary in duration and are known to make riders "fall head over heels (but not over the handlebars) in love with Belgium". There is a tour in conjunction with the Tour de Flanders which is one week, but climaxes in two days where you watch the professionals from the VIP section in the front row, and then ride the same route the next day. Or Authentic Flanders which is an extensive 8 day tour of the charming towns in Flanders, (Ghent, Bruges, etc). From their site: ... with immersion into the rich cultural heritage of Flanders, eyewitness World War I sites, sporadically walk through unique towns, sample beers and chocolates at breweries, enjoy Flemish cuisine such as the Belgian mussels and chips, and more!

Biko Adventures is all about biking the environs of Prague. They provide an array of one day trips in the parks, forests and surrounding villages of what many people consider the most beautiful city in Europs. Trips range from the easy "Prague Parks" tour of 28 km to advanced single track mountain biking through the forests of the Vltava region. There are many options in between, including a "Full Moon Riding" trip to the Karlstejn castle in the moonlight. Tours include a guide and route sheets and bike rentals are available. Custom tours can be put together for guests that are looking to focus on a special aspect of Czech Republic natural history or culture.

Bravo Bike Tours is Spain's longest running bike tour company, and they are definitely experts in all-things Spain. This group provides very reasonably priced self-guided tours with a lot of hands-on service, such as van support, bilingual guides (English, French & Spanish), adapted cycle tours to the cyclist´s capability as well as to the needs of families. Trips include Andalucia, Rioja Wine Region, Galicia, Camino de Santiago, Madrid region, Segovia, Valencia, Switzerland and many more destinies in Europe. Favorites are:the Pilgrimage Tour and City Tours in Madrid and surrounding cities, and all the wine-oriented tours.

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Creative Catalonia provides both self-guided, and guided  cycling and walking tours through Catalonia, the beautiful coastal region north of Barcelona, also known as the Costa Brava. Owned and operated by an Australian couple with expert knowledge of the area, the tours are reasonably priced and there are many options regarding difficulty and trip length. They provide cycle touring, road riding, mountain bike and walking tours. Rider Reviews

Cycle Breaks is a Suffolk-based company which offers bike tours in this unique corner of the UK as well as other quiet and peaceful biking areas of Europe. This value-oriented tour company provides self-guided tours with acommodations in a variety of 2, 3 and 4 star hotels. There are a vast array of choices of travel, including 1-3, 4-6 or 7 or more nights. In addition to luggage transport, flexible routes and top-quality hybrid bikes, breakdown advice or assistance is provided should you need it. They've been offering Suffolk and Norfolk tours since the 90's and in the past 10 years have added France (Provence, Loire), Italy (Venice/Veneto) and Austria (Danube). From their website: Cycle through the beautiful countryside captured by Constable and Gainsborough and see the miles of unspoilt coastline. Pink washed cottages, medieval churches and oak-beamed pubs. Crumbling cliffs, gorse clad heaths and salt marshes brimming with birdlife.

Cycle Classic Tours - provides some of the most reasonably priced guided trips of the classic cycling tours of Europe (Milan-St Remo, Paris-Robaix and Tour de Flanders). With options that cover France, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands, you have several choices among their packages that let you both watch and cycle these great rides. In addition, they have some very interesting tours, such as the one along the Cote d'Azur where you will visit Monaco, Nice, Cannes ... a very unique cycling route indeed!

Cycle Greece provides both self-guided, and guided cycling (as well as sailing and walking) tours throughout Greece. The tours are reasonably priced, with guests staying in 3-4 star hotels. There are many options regarding difficulty and trip length. From their website, explaining why Greece is such an up-and-coming bike-friendly destination: countryside treasures such as centuries-old olive groves, vineyards, hot springs in the sea, kri-kri (wild goats), old stone bridges, caves, Ottoman era mosques, Venetian castles or 3,000 year-old ruins.

CycleTours Holidays Bike and Barge is becoming a very popular alternative to the traditional Cycling Holiday. Cycletours, established in 1988, is one of the largest and longest running providers of these types of trips. Holland is one of the flattest countries in Europe, so even a novice rider will enjoy it. Also famed for its excellent cycling infrastructure, bicycle paths in this region are well-maintained, and safely separated from busy roads. Because it is a small country and there are large very modern cities separated by beautiful rural countryside, you can experience both a bustling cultural metropolis at night and a sleepy farmers' village on the same day. In addition to the Bike and Barge tours, Cycletours provide an array of traditional so called Bed and Bike tours through Holland as well as Germany, France, Portugal, Belgium and Spain. Rider Reviews

Cycling Classics - As they say: "Tours in France for cycling enthusiasts seeking to ride the routes of legends". They provide trips in the Alps, Pyrenees, Mont Ventoux and one that follows the French Grand Tour (during the Tour de France or at a different time after the crowds are gone). In late fall they do Girona Spain (very challenging!). These gnarly rides are a Men's Journal Best Trip Pick.

Cycling Country provides several types of tours in many regions of Spain, Portugal and England. Being centered in Spain/Portugal, they have that local expertise that makes specialized companies so, well, "special". The tours are very reasonably priced compared to US-based groups, and with accomodations in classic inns which reflect the character of each area. There are an even number of self-guided and fully guided options with van support and expert guides. From their website: How much suntan lotion to bring? This is question that you will need to ask as Andalusia has on average 320 days of sunshine every year - more than anywhere else in Europe! This is also one of the only companies to provide a Cotswalds tour in England.

Cycling through the Centuries - A Portuguese company founded by an American woman, now being run by her Brazilian-born daughter .... You've got to love it!. They provide a great variety of small, personalised guided trips through Portugal, Spain and France. There is also a self-guided option through www.cycling-rentals.com. CTTC gets high grades from us for the following: 1. they provide transportation to and from the starting point of each tour, 2. wine at dinners is included in the price, 3. a percentage of profits is used for helping to create more cycle routes or restoration on historic monuments where they tour. Their prices are very reasonable, but they stay in 4 & 5 star accommodations similar to those that the large US-based companies use. In addition, they have a dedicated environmental policy ... something we woud like to see from more companies. Rider Reviews

Deluxe Cycle Tours has a very interesting premise. They offer the same type of tours as the high-end operators, going to the same hotels and providing the same service, but their trips are at a significantly lowered price once the meals, wine and # of nights are taken into consideration. This UK- based agency offers trips to the most popular regions of France and Spain (Provence, Loire, Camino de Santiago, , etc). Their website has a very helpful chart that lets you compare their trips to those of the other high-end companies such as Backroads and B&R.

Discover Tuscany is a owner-operated firm based in Livorno, the sea gateway to Tuscany. They arrange very reasonably priced custom tours, either guided or self-guided. They are the only company who offers biketours geared to cruise ship passengers, which is very convenient for those looking for an adventurous getaway while onshore. Among the tours are 'Livorno-Populonia': a ride along Tuscany's coast line and 'Livorno-Pisa': a mix of bike and horse rides.You can choose from multiple or single day tours in Tuscany for parties up to 5, providing premium mountain or road bikes. Trips can be pure riding, or you can have the owner, Leonardo, design a tour based on your interests (art, history food & wine, etc.) This service is a great way to get a "custom fit" tour for a small group. This is one of the few Tuscany-based companies that focuses on the beautiful seaside of the region, and they ride in some areas not offered by other companies. Rider Reviews

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Dreamtrips - We have firsthand experience with this operator that specializes in Piedmonte and recommend them highly. We have tried many companies that provide self-guided tours, and Dreamtrips is our favorite. Why? 1) There is a lot of personal service during the tour. You will interact with the staff throughout your trip and be transferred to excursions such as cooking classes, farmhouses, cellars, truffle hunts, etc. 2) Lorenzo, the owner is a consummate professional and as a native of the area, he knows the Piedmonte region inside and out. 3) The bikes are perfect for riding the hills of Piedmonte. With other companies we have often received substandard bikes and even worse, bikes that were in dire need of a tune-up (especially at the end of the season). In addition to all this, Dreamtrips will be happy to work with you on customizing the trip for your needs. Rider Reviews

Easy Rider Tours with three decades of experience operating guided bicycling vacations and self-guided bike tours in Europe, Canada, and New England it's no wonder that Frommer's Spain has named this company as being the "leading U.S. - based outfitter." Tours beckon riders to discover regions up close - along serene cylcing routes with select accommodations and exceptional cuisines. Rider Reviews

Echelon Luxury Cycling Tours is a family run tour company that once was only available to private clients. Today, it prides itself on expanding to a wider audience while maintaining its small size and ability to fine-tune client itineraries. Bike tours are available to 4-14 riders, guided by locals, open to riders of all skill levels, and include luxury hotel accommodations.

Experience Plus! is the family-owned tour group company and was the first US based operation to offer bike tours in Italy back in 1972. The founders each have PhD's, one in Geography and the other in Cultural History and thought that starting a bicycle tour company would be the perfect way to combine their love of research, maps and culture. It would also provide them a “free” ticket to visit family in Italy.  In 2008 the company was bought by their tri-lingual, bicultural daughters who grew up guiding tours and split their youth between Italy and the US. While family-run, this operation provides a wide assortment of tour locations. They focus on personalized service, excellent cycling, and cultural experiences. The food and accommodations are great, the bikes outstanding, and the money they save from not having huge slick brochures gets passed on to you. An interesting and unique feature is that they use chalk arrows to mark the route, which allows riders to focus on the scenery, not the route sheets. Companions – Expect good conversation at dinner with an interesting, unpretentious group. Rider Reviews

Eurocycle is clearning house provides very reasonably priced tours (over 200!) in just about every European country. You can choose from guided or self-guided and group or individual. The company is based in Austria, but the site and customer service has a perfect command of English, and the savings of going through a European operator is well worth it. Many of their tours are priced at way under $1000 for the week, staying in 2-3 star family-run accomodations. They also have some interesting features such as electric bike options, bike and boat tours, and several tours where you stay in one place but ride out of the home base each day (a great option if you get tired of packing up every day or two). Tours are graded at four levels with easy being flat to advanced being 30+ plus miles with hills. No tours for the highly advanced rider. Rider Reviews

Explore! - This is another US-based company that provides reasonably-priced tours throughout the world (Europe, Asia, South Africa), with a concentration on France and Cuba. Most of their trips have one tour leader which is a great option for riders who don't want to be coddled (and want to save money!), but don't want to go fully self-guided. Accomodations have a local flavor (family-run inns and B&B's). Based in the Bay Area, Explore! is dedicated to responsible and green travel, having won numerous awards for this.

Fold N 'Visit is a fun and young company with experience in pedestrian and cycling tours in the city of Porto and long distance cycling routes to the North of Portugal and the North of Spain. Activities are structured according to the rider needs, goals, and expectations by knowledgeable tourism professionals so that every experience is meaningful and unique. Fold n 'Visit brings people from around the world together for an experience that integrates history, gastronomy, great cuisine, and everything in between.

Freewheel Holidays Freewheel Holidays is the example of the type of self-guided tour provider that is perfect for an experienced bike tour enthusiast who doesn't need hand holding and would rather save some money (and get a more authentic experience) by going with a Euro-based operator. They choose small, family run hotels where possible, ensuring that you will be more of a traveler than a tourist. They provide tours through many countries, including, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Holland and Ireland. Starting in 2009, they also provide bike and canal boat trips (unpack just once and enjoy full board accomodations!). Tours are graded at three levels, although these tours are not designed for hammerheads.

Girona Bike Tours specializes in one day guided tours throughout the region of Girona Spain. Girona is the northeast corner of Spain, in Catalona, and filled with fascinating history. The region abounds with medevil castles, beautiful lakes and pre-historic caves. This company represents a new wave in bike touring. The guides speak English, as well as an array of other languages, and the price is very reasonable (20-35 euro). Picnic lunch options are available, and private tours can be arranged.

Gourmet Cycling Tours is like no other operator, in their seriousness about both cycling AND food. Owned and operated by a pro cyclist and a Michelin starred chef, they are your guides through some of the best food and wine regions of France, Spain, South Africa and the US. In addition to these trips there are options for TDF and Tour of California with opportunities to meet the racers and with plenty of wine country cousine as well. There are a wide variety of choices among guided, custom and self-guided options, as well rider level, although the focus is for strong riders (and eaters!).

HC Bike Tours Providing all-inclusive, SAG van supported and guided cycling tours in Europe for avid cyclists., HC Bike Tours involves cycling 60+ miles a day with ex-pro cyclists, including the owner, Aigars Paegle. Now, with over 10 years of experience providing tours, he uses that same level of excellence in leading guests to the tops of the most famous summits of France, Italy, and Spain. In fact, don't be surprised if your leader is an ex-Tour de France rider. Their routes include scenic backroads and climbs in the Alps and Pyrenees, or anywhere you wish, as custom tours are also a large part of their business.

Holland Bike Tours. The staff of Holland Bike Tours is a professional and dedicated group of Dutch cycling enthusiasts. Each one has his or her specific long time expertise on either cycling routes, bicycle technology, tour planning and accommodations. Bike tours vary from short to long, challenging to relaxing, basic to luxurious and aims to leave cyclists sighing, "'the toughest part [of this tour] is going home.'" Rider Reviews

In Situ Travel is another operator aimed at strong riders who are looking to do challenging riding in the moutain regions of Italy, France, Spain and Germany. Some of the things that differentiates this company is that they usually base camp out of one hotel (No need to pack your bags every day or two, and you get a better sense of that town/region you are staying in). They also use GPS instead of printed route sheets, and groups are kept very small, with a 10 person maximum. Example trips are the Dolomites, French Pyrenees, and Black Forest of Germany, with most trips including the climbs of the Tour de France and Giro d'Italia. In Situ is also available to help you create a custom trip for your own group.

IronDonkey Tours There are two unique and interesting features which makes IronDonkey stand out in the bike tour industry. First of all, they have the most extensive list of trips in the UK that we've seen: Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland (as well as Italy and Spain). The main idea is to find regions in these countries that make for excellent bicycle touring (great scenery, low-traffic roads, good accommodations, varied sites of interest, etc.). Secondly, they are incredibly flexible in adjusting trips to all levels of ability (through optional distance and climbing add-ons). By building a variety of routes in each region, they are able to custom fit the tour for each guest, not force the guest to fit to the tour. They provide guided and self-guided tours, and even divide the self-guided trips into three levels: those with medium level of support, low levels (called an independent tour), or custom group tours based on your preferences. As they say, they offer tours to the whole cycling spectrum – from newcomers right up to seasoned club riders – with route options for all abilities.

Italia Outdoors has a website that provides a wealth of information regarding biking in Italy. The owner, Vernon McClure has over 20 years experience in adventure travel, and will help you plan either Road or Mountain biking trips (one day or multi day) as well as plenty of other adventure travel (they are also experts in hiking, biking and skiing travel). Culinary and wine tours are offered too. They can help with everything from airport transfers, bike shipping and storage, and all sorts of excursions along the way (specialties include food and wine, local history and regional parks). Italia Outdoors specializes in the regions of Friuli Venezia, Emilia Romagna (known for having some of the best food in Italy), Trentino-Alto Adige and the Veneto. According to what you are looking for, they are split in two websites:

KE Adventure Travel has an unmatched collection of adventure holidays, and with 27 years of experience providing travel options in regions all over the world, they are one of the leaders in this type of travel. By dividing their trips into Fat Tyre, Semi Slick (hybrid) or Road Biking, their are options that go from moutain biking in extremely remote regions such as Bhutan, Macchu Pichu and Morocco to road biking on the climbs of the great tours of Europe. They travel to all the major regions of the world, and have rides in Cuba, Nepal, the Himalayas, Vietnam, Pakistan, Peru, Morocco, South Africa, ... ." Prices are very reasonable and accomodations are classic inns and locally owned lodges. From their site: "All of our biking journeys are created by bikers for bikers and we have trips to satisfy most levels of riding ability, with the emphasis on providing adventure holidays for regular riders." Hiking, Climbing and other adventure travel is also offered.

Lake Como Cycling specializes in tours of one of the most beautiful places in the world, Lake Como, and is the first bike tour company to be centered out of this region. But don't let the name fool you, they also do tours in Spain, France and Croatia, as well as other regions of Italy (Piedmont, Lombardy, Sicily). There is a wide variety of choices among guided and self-guided options, as well rider level, although many of the rides have at least 3K of climbing a day. This is the perfect blend of a company owned and run by locals, but with plenty of English speaking staff who can help with US based logistics.

Live Love Ride - Portugal Bike Tours this Portugese company operates cycling holidays in Portugal that aim to provide local-knowledge based experiences in the country's back roads and trails. Accompanied by experienced local riders, guests will get to know the country's rich culture and historic background, and taste the local gastronomy and wines. They operate self-guided, guided and premium bike tours in several regions, including the Alentejo and Douro wine countries, the epic trails in Serra da Estrela or between Porto and Santiago, and the Algarve and the Vicentina coastlines. Lodging is in charming locally owned hotels and spas.

London Cycle Holidays offers a unique way to enjoy holidays in London with self-guided tours inside and outside the big city, from its central hearth to its countryside, from its history to its nature, from modern urban life to the rural English way of living just by cycling. With a mission of ensuring that each customer is satisfied, London Cycle Holidays is run by professionals who possess a deep knowledge of cycling, passion for London, and expertise in all things travel related.

Mercurio Tours provides very reasonably-priced guided-tours in Germany and Austria, traveling along rivers such the Danube, the Rhine and the Moselle. These regions provide excellent cycle paths (we are fans of any tour that has minimal traffic!) and numerous possibilities to soak up local culture and traditions. Each group is limited to about 12 cyclists, and is accompanied by two experienced and bilingual guides. Accommodations are mostly family run hotels or guesthouses, and meals are included. The prices are truly amazing ... much lower than comparable tours from U.S. based operators. A couple things that differentiates them from other Germany-based tour groups: Airport transfers included (this is HUGE ... if you have ever had to pay major $ getting to a small town to start a tour you know how important this is), guarantee of English-speaking guides, and flexibility in meal choices at restaurants along the way (another big plus ... group prix-fixe is often less than appetizing). Daily mileage tends to be quite low (20-25 miles) as the tour also focuses on the cultural aspects of each region. Rider Reviews

Meridien Ten - This large Croatian adventure travel company, having worked over 7 years with the North American market, is the hands-down experts for touring in Croatia and around the Adriatic. Croatia is another of the "hot new" desistinations, with gorgeous coastlines, island hopping, reasonable prices, amazing seafood and uncrowded roads. All their guides are local, with extensive knowledge of Croatian culture and local connections for island hopping (there are over 1000 islands in Croatia), excurisions, etc. Choose from a variety of tours, either guided or self-guided, budget or luxury, easy to advanced. Their fleet of well-maintained bikes includes road, hybrid and hybrids.

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Open Road Open Skies Ltd. , is a family run organization birthed from riders with an insatiable appetite for traveling the great outdoors. Choose from a holiday, guided, supported, or self-guided tour in England, Wales, Scotland, or Ireland. Tours include areas of geographical and cultural interest as they are hand picked and beloved by the tour guides themselves. From national parks, trails, coastal routes to historical cities and sites no stone will be left unturned. Riders of all levels are welcome with tours ranging from two to eight days.

Outfitter Bicycle Tours has been family owned since 1996 and specializes in tours to Provence, Alps, Burgundy, the Dordogne, Pyrenees, and Tuscany (in reference to Europe). New tours also include Napa/Sonoma as well as the Asheville, NC area. From difficult climbing adventures in the Alps to casual riding through beautiful countrysides such as Provence, offered cycling vacations satisfy ANY cyclist. Whether self guided or guided, the rider is in control with the ultimate flexibility and service as the staff motto is, "You are not on our schedule; we are on yours." Self guided tours can be scheduled according to the riders preferred dates while guided tours are small (limited to 15 guests) and personal. Rider Reviews

Provence Cyling Holidays uses a model becoming more and more popular because it saves money and removes a lot of logistics. You "base camp" at a beautiful 17th century farmhouse and take day trips throughout the region, returning to the four bedroom B&B every night. As they say: "no packing and unpacking bags, less stress, more relaxation". We are very experienced with this region, and can attest that there are at least a week's worth of great routes in all directions. There are a wide range of routes ... these guys are very flexible and will help you find the right fit. You can ride just a couple hours a day, or all day. You can climb Mont Ventoux, one of the famous climbs of the Tour de France. This region is home to many of the greatest wines of the Rhone and Luberon, and there is a plethora of great touring (Avignon, Isle Sur la Sorgue ... the Venice of Provence, and one of our favorite towns in Europe: Gordes). Bikes are hybrids and they provide GPS for all routes. Rider Reviews

Red Spokes Adventure Tours goes on the the highest adventures of any tour company that we've come across. They specialise in remote regions including Laos, Nepal, the Himalayas, Vietnam, Lebanon, Kyrgystan, Syria, Peru ... basically if it's remote and there are places to cycle, they go there!,Starting in 1990 as a collective of cyclists who specialized in riding remote roads in secluded areas of the planet, Red Spokes is now a UK centered touring company with over 40 trips planned each year. From their site: "we are committed to ensuring that our tours not only support the local economies but also respect the local cultures. We do this by employing local guides and drivers, staying mostly in family run accommodation and where possible building relationships with the local communities."

Ride25, is a unique cycling holiday company with tours offered worldwide for consumers, corporations, and groups seeking to help charities! Featured on BBC's Dragon's Den, Ride25’s vision is that people of all abilities, shapes and sizes will jump on a bike, leave their work and home commitments behind for a few days and experience the challenge and adventure of bike touring. With a team of leaders skilled in a variety of areas, safety and support are key for a memorable riding experience. For every rider that bikes with Ride25, a portion of the proceeds help donate bikes to Africa through Re-Cycle.

Ride Strong Bike Tours, European trips are designed for endurance cyclists and triathaletes. Great hands-on service but don't expect a Sag van with this group! Tours include major climbs such as the Alps, Dolomites, French Pyrenees and Himalayas. There is also their very popular "Chasing the Tour de France" where in the morning they ride portions of the mountain stages before the pros, and later in the day watch the race. The owner, Julie Gildred, leads most tours, or pairs up with Dave Scott, 6-time Ironman World Champ for triathlon camp in Provence. Custom bicycling vacations can also be designed for your private group of cycling friends.

Russian Cycle Touring Club (RCTC) is a non-profit social organization which provides an array of tours and services for cyclists interested in riding Russia. With a mission to promote cycling in Russia throughout the world, they can help you whether your interest is road cycling, family cycling, or extreme cycling. Several fully supported trips are proveded each year, and self-guided tours are also available. From April through October, RCTC provides weekend bike rides along scenic roads in the countryside near Moscow. RCTC can also help you with: custom tours, information on routes, interpreters, visa support and finding cycling partners. In addition, you can go on an exchange visits where you stay at homes of RCTC members and join in on bicycle tours. As they say on their website, this is probably the most interesting and the least expensive way to travel. RCTC is a full member of the European Cyclists Federation since 2004. Rider Reviews

Sole & Bike is based in Sicily and they provide many different self-guided trips through that region, one of our favorites in Europe. There are a wide variety of options, providing self guided trips (1 - 7 day itineraries) as well as hiking and mountain trekking. Tours include "The Etna Myth", "The Parks Tour" (Etna, Alcantara, Peloritani), and "Western Sicily" (8 days in this beautiful and fascinating region). Sole provides bike rentals for those just looking for a bike outfitter. A one-night bike and wine tour is also available, which is a great option for those who wish to just try out bike touring in Sicily. With this regional bike tour company you will be working with the owner or direct member of the operations family and the savings is passed on.

Southern Visions is based in Puglia, Italy (the heel of the boot) and they focus on trips through that region and also Croatia. With exceptional cuisine, fascinating culture, and light traffic, Puglia is fabulous for cycling ... we have heard from many experienced riders that this is their favorite bike touring region. They are all about options, providing self guided trips (5, 7, 9 or 10 days) as well as 7- and 10- day guided trips. They pride themselves in providing an immersive and intimate look at the regions they travel, and as experts in the Puglia and Croatia regions, they can customize your trip based on your interests, whether it be food and wine, villa-hopping, boating, etc. Expect great equipment with the option of hybrid or road bike. From their site: "a fleet of over 100 of the newest, lightest, and highest performance bikes in Italy." This is another of the regional bike tour companies where you will always be working with the owner or direct member of the operations family.Rider Reviews

SportsPulsions - Run by a team of Cat 1 cyclists with inside connections (TDF, Paris /Roubaix, UCI Road Championship, etc) these tours are for hearty riders and non-cyclists alike who want to ride the routes and have access to the VIP areas. In addition, they provide addtional trips such as a wine-and-bike tour in Bordeaux, and a gnarly 9 days in the Pyrenees that includes 13 of the most famous TDF climbs, From their site: "As the only French official Tour Operator of the Tour de France, we have the local knowledge, experience and contacts to ensure you the best in VIP Tour de France cycling tours". They can also create a custom tour based on your group's needs.

SPYNS This luxury travel company provides guided hiking and cycling tours in France, Spain, Italy and Ireland and Morocco. They specialize in "experiential" travel and by that they mean really amazing experiences. Just a taste of trips that they provide: The French Open, Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Cannes Film Festival, participating in D Day Anniversary in Normandy, and plenty of wine country adventures in regions such as Rioja, Beaujolais and Provence. Most trips are designed for the average rider (15 - 25 miles a day). Except for event-based tours, they specialize in smaller groups (6-10 people) than many tour operators.

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TradNatura Sport is one of the longest-running bike tour operators in Hungary. This family run company is owned and run by two enthusiasts of Hungarian tradition, nature and sport: Marietta Tihanyi and Peter Beck from Budapest. Examples of some of their most popular tours: "Castles and Spas around West Hungary", "Best Selection of the Danube", "Tokaj wines, the River& Lake Tisza". Daily mileage tends to be quite low (20-25 miles) as the tour also focuses on the cultural aspects of each region. New routes are being added every year, and they are happy to design tailor-made bicycle tours as well as other types of Hungarian-based holidays. Unlike most regional oriented tour companies, you will always have two leaders, one that rides with the group and one driving the air-conditioned support van. Rider Reviews

Tour d’Afrique Now for something completely different. These guys provide 5,000+ mile tours in four very exotic locations. However, you can also join in for a week or two along the way, providing a great adventure ride without having to invest months of your life. The trips are: Tour d’Africa, (3 months, 10 countries), Silk Route (3 months, entire continent of Asia), South America (4 months, 8 countries) and Orient Express (6 weeks, Paris to Istanbul). We invite you to go their site and read the amazing blog posts from their riders. At about $100 a day, the price is right. As they say: Don't be surprised to find yourself staying at the odd hostel, bush camp, hospital, guesthouse, or whatever else we come across! Hotels on the rest days are generally in the three to four star range. Rider Reviews

Topbicyle combined with sister company Greenways Travel, specializes in Central Europe cycling tours, featuring the countries of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Austria and Germany. The provide both guided and self-guided tours, (and even tandem tours) in this increasingly popular region. This company was founded in 1990 by a pair of enthusiastc Czechs who compined biking and their love for Czech culture. We've experienced their self-guided tour first-hand, and found it to have superior service, the best of the 10+ self-guided operators we've tested. Central Europe is great for cycling as there are many bike trails throughout (you will seldom share roads with cars), beautiful castles and chateaux, and the history is fascinating. Great value, too. Rider Reviews

Viadelsole - Italy Cycling Tours Known as THE specialists of cycling holidays in Italy, this company has been providing superior customer service since 1992! Via del Sole - Active Holidays provides organized biking (and hiking!) tours in Tuscany and Umbria with customized itineraries upon request. As part of your tour, enjoy cooking classes or wine tasting, hybrid, road, or e-bikes, as you traverse vineyards, the delicious "Trattoira," tour the Alps, and much more.

World Expeditions believes that "experiences the world at handlebar level' is the perfect way to explore remove villages a world away from the highways. This is another company that specializes in remote regions including India, Himalayas, Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Peru. The cycling may be on either paved or unpaved roads and is fully supported. There are a range of tour levels from Introductory/Moderate to Challenging and Advance Mountain Expedition. In addition there are self-guided tours through Europe (Loire Valley, Tuscany, Ireland ... over 30 options). Lodging goes from mountain huts to 4-star hotels, based on the tour that you pick. This large adventure travel company also provides hiking, sailing, barge, photograph and snoeshoing tours througout the world.


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United States & Canada

Alaska Bicycle Tours - Specializes in guided bicycle tours of Alaska and remote areas of Northwestern Canada. Five guided tours to choose from, and an array of one-day tours.  They also provide self-guided tours for the adventurous rider willing to go it alone in grizzly bear country! Contact them for information about custom bicycle treks through SW China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Senegal, Tanzania, and Malawi. Now, that’s what we call adventure!

America by Bike specializes in long distance cross country touring, but with the ride divided up into segments, you can choose to do just a portion and still participate in the ride across America. No camping ... every night is in AAA rated hotels, with quality meals, and multi-van SAG support and luggage transport. An excellent deal for people looking for a supported tour at a reasonable price. Rides include - Western States, Rocky Mountain, Heartland, Tour de Plains, Fall Foliage, and then every cross-country option imaginable: (heading east or west, and northern or southern routes). Rides run at a very affordable price and riders are encouraged to cycle at their own pace and enjoy the sites along the way.

Around Wisconsin offers "small group supported trips in the Bike Friendly State of Wisconsin". What more do you need to know? Well, we'll tell you anyway. There are two main trips, "Flavors of Wisconsin" (think microbrews, cheese and braut) and "Northern Woods and Waters" (multi-sport with kayaking, boating, and lots of backroad cycling). . Accommodations are historical inns and B & B’s. This is another great option for US residents that want to ride in a beutiful countryside for half the price of a trip to Tuscany!

At Your Pace specializes in self guided bike tours of Colorado, by people that are experts in biking in this state. The current offering includes Colorado Wine Country, High Desert, Rocky Mtn. Adventure and Steamboat Springs, although they will customize a tour for you based on your special needs. You can schedule at any time as these are self guided (luggage transfer, breakfast and 24/7 emergency support included). Accommodations are first class, with specially negotiated rates,. These self guided tours offer exceptional quality and service at affordable prices.

Bicycle Adventures provides multisport and bicycling vacations in the western United States
and Canada, Hawaii, and New Zealand with a focus on customizing for the desires of each guest. As they say, "our guides have an amazing ability to adapt to different desires – 3 people ride 70, 2 ride 50 and 4 hike and kayak, yet everyone shares a piece of their day together". One feature we really love is that with Bicycle Adventures, a six-day tour, means six active days - no wasted "meeting" day at the beginning and "travel" day at the end. From the website: " We have kept our expertise focused on select regions, rather than spreading ourselves thin all over the world. We live here and know these areas well".Rider Reviews

Bike Vermont - Tours in North America (Vermont, Maine, Maryland, Quebec and Cape Cod). Go to Bike Vermont (in Europe section)

Buckeye Country Roads Bicycle Tours provide a gateway to the best of cycling in Ohio. This region has much of what we typically look to Europe for,  at a fraction of the cost: lovely roads and scenery, great Inn-to-Inn cycling with overnights at delightful resorts, lodges and hotels. They travel in intimate small groups. The tours include daily wine and cheese receptions, and personal Garmin GPS devices for daily navigation. From their site: " ... Midwest hospitality, and many many places to stop and smell the roses and explore Ohio as you've never see it! Whether it's the beauty of Lake Erie's islands, the lush vineyards of the Grand River Valley, or the Amish countryside of the largest Amish community in the world, let us be your guide through the scenic beauty of Ohio. Rider Reviews

Carolina Tailwinds offers bicycle vacation tours in beautiful locations throughout the Eastern U.S.A. With trips from 2 to 6 days, several can be combined to create a longer bike vacation in the region. Accommodations are historical inns and B & B’s. Great value … a week with Carolina Tailwinds is about 1/3 of the price of most Tuscany tours! You’ve got to love a company that mentions lemon soufflé pancakes and shrimp and mushrooms cappellini with sherry sauce on their FAQ page! Rider Reviews

Central Coast Outdoors is an owner-operated company specializing in tours on California's Central Coast, one of the largest unspoiled open spaces in the state, which includes the scenic Pacific around Big Sur and the Paso Robles wine country. With years of experience leading international bike tours for other companies, the owners, John and Virginia Flaherty, decided to create an adventure travel business and show people the wonders of their home region. They provide a large array of travel options, from a half day self guided tour to a week long (or longer) tour anywhere in California. These Custom tours include all inclusive packages, route planning, lodging and exclusive restaurants. In addition to bike tours, they provide kayaking and and hiking vacations.

CrossRoads Cycling is the ultimate place to go for the ride across the United States (Los Angeles to Boston). Accomodations are larger, well known hotels, with quality meals (many buffets ... you'll deserve seconds!), and SAG support. There are also shorter options such as Southwest (LA to Albuquerque), Middle and Eastern US. They encourage riders of all levels and paces, and many guests use this ride as a fundraiser for their favorite charity. Just in case you were wondering, the tour to cross the country is 48 days.

Cycle Canada Supported tours throughout Canada for about $99 a day. An excellent deal for people looking for guided tours at a reasonable price. Rides include - Tour TransCanada (across Canada), Tour Pacific (Vancouver -> Calgary), Tour Atlantic (Halifax -> Baddeck) and Tour Arctic (a little pricier). Accommodation is mainly camping with average riding distance of 65 miles per day. There is a support vehicle, and meals are catered by staff. Cycle Canada also offers one week tours with indoor accommodation including The BiQue Ride and Voyageur Route. These run at an affordable $130.00 a day. Operating since 1988.

Dream Day Cycle Trips We get many requests for tours in Napa Valley, and have always been perplexed that there are so few options for riders that want to ride in this beautiful wine region. Dream Day Cycling offers what you could expect when riding a bike through wine country of Napa and Sonoma. Famous wineries are on the itinerary in addition to some unknown treasures. They offer plenty of other Northern California options, such as the Redwood Forests and the Pacific Coast.

Earn the View Here at BikeTourReview we personally do most of our training in the region in which this company specializes, namely the canyons of Malibu, between Pacific Coast Highway and world-reknown Mulholland Drive. These folks are serious. This all about getting in a great guided ride with people that are experts in riding this moutain range. We can attest that these are some of the greatest training rides in the world. As the website says, "the director of Saxo Bank Racing called it the best place to ride and train in the World". We agree!

FreeWheelin' Bike Tours FreeWheelin Tours is a local family owned company that specializes in providing riders with a unique and unforgettable experience that delves deep into the rich history of New Orleans from the seat of a cool custom cruiser. In addition, unlike many of it's nearby rivals, FreeWheelin' provides riders with the true American experience as all bikes are made and manufactured from within The States. A variety of tours in the different sections of The Big Easy, including Le Petit Vieux Carre French Tour and Mardi Gras, Mansions, & Movie Stars, and more.

Grimes Getaways Who says that bike tours have to be expensive? This husband/wife team of experienced tour leaders provides guided bike tours in California and Montana for about $125 a day. This includes baggage transfer, meals, support van and camping arrangements and setup. There is a motel/cabin option for some of their tours. The California rides vary from the Pacific Coast to the wine country to farming communities to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. In Montana, the tour takes one through the Flathead Valley, Glacier National Park and the Blackfeet Reservation. Distances range from 35 to 80 miles and average 50 miles. From the site: "Grimes Getaways is committed to providing fully supported camping-bicycle rides through some of the most beautiful areas in the western United States." Rider Reviews

LifeCycle Adventures is the premier operator of custom bike tours in Northern California, home to Napa, Sonoma, and the Columbia and Willamette river valleys. They specialize in working with couples and small groups to create custom bike tours, anywhere from 3 to 8 days. You can choose short distances with few hills, or a rugged schedule with lots of climbs. In addition, there are many lodging options among an array of price ranges. If desired, they will add on excursions such as Boats & Balloons, Culinary Cruising and Custom Training Camp. A nice feauture is that they will retrieve all wine bought along the way, and transport it in their air-conditioned van. Having done many a self-guided trip in the wine country, we really appreciate this feature!

Senior Cycling offers fully supported tours designed our specifically for active seniors (riders 50 and older). Rides are from 2- to 10-days and cover many regions of the United States, including Florida, Virginia, Maryland and the Erie Canal, as well as day trips in the Washington DC region. "We're not concerned with how far and how fast," says Super-Senior Pat Blackmon, company founder, "We've done that. Now we're concerned with enjoying ourselves." Beginner level trips are about 20-25 miles a day, while advanced trips are longer, and average 40 miles a day. Prices are very reasonable and the accommodations are a blend of inns and B&B's.

Sojourn Bicycling Vacations has been designing and operating deluxe tours in the US and Canada since 2005. Founded by a group who was previously with one of the large tour companies, Sojourn is a highly experienced outfit that will win your confidence and repeat business. A smaller, more boutique-style company, Sojourn focuses on exceptional cycling routes paired with top accommodations and equipment. Their guides are seasoned professionals, and provide top-notch support both on and off the bike. Tours operate in Oregon, California, Arizona (warm winter tour), Texas, Canada (Niagra's Wine Country, Ontario, and Quebec), Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont - where their Lake Champlain tour was tabbed by Frommer's as one of the "Top 10 Bike Tours in the World." Sojourn also offers custom and private tours. Rider Reviews

Tour du Canada Tour du Canada is a cross-Canada club event for a very reasonable price of about $55 a day, first staged in 1988. With camping as the accommodation and riders pitching in to cook and set up camp, this event is run as a non-profit corporation with administrative support by Cycle Canada. Cycle Canada is a Canadian company which provides other supported tours throughout Canada. Tour du Canada appeals to all ages and a bursary programme helps make the tour even more affordable for young people. TourduCanada.com

Unusual Tours A fabulous, flexible option for riders that want a great value, anywhere in Oregon. They provide baggage transfer, meals, SAG van and camping (or motel) arrangements and setup. They specialize in luxury camping with portable showers, air beds, etc. The rides (about $125 a day) vary from The Oregon Coast, Wine Country (Willamette or Umqua Valleys), Crater Lake, and the Ghost Towns and Gold Mines. There are over 20 pre-planned routes to choose from, although they are flexible and will help you design a route that fits your needs. Distances range from 35 to 80 miles and average 50 miles. From the site: "With all of our tours we try to add a few creative and unusual twists to them." They will even accomodate your dog, assuming it is well behaved. (Now THAT'S a first!)

Womantours The only all-women bike tour company in America, specializing in inn-to-inn road bike tours for women only. They provide trips covering a spectrum of abilities, interests and locales. Just a sampling: Argentina, Alaska, Death Valley, and many more in the Northeast, National Parks and along both coasts. Ready to do a cross-country ride across the US? You can choose between a southern passage (58 days) or north-to-south from Minnesota to New Orleans. Rider Reviews

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Pan Pacific: Asia, Australia, New Zealand

Active New Zealand is a New Zealand based company that provides cycling, multi-sport and hiking trips throughout what many people tell us is the best cycling on the planet. As they say: "We may not be one of the huge cycling companies that come down to set up shop here, but we know New Zealand intimately, and our many years operating trips here mean we know the best quiet country roads and we know how to set up the ultimate cycling trip." They provide great equipment and their prices are half of what the big guys charge. Also very flexible … if you can’t make one of their dates, they will work on scheduling something that WILL work for you.

Green Island Tours This Tasmanian-based company is the "go to" source for traveling in Tasmania. You can choose from a variety of guided tours (4, 9 or 11 days) or a self-guided tour customized to your needs. Self-guided tours vary in levels budget to luxury, beginer to advanced. They even provide help for non-bicycle based tavel in the region. In addition, there are tours in Australia and Ireland. Choose from a variety of tours, guided or self-guided, budget to luxury, easy to advanced. How's this for a reference: the editor/chief of German-based TrekkingBike magazine, who has traveled with scores of bike tour companies, found the Green Island Tour of Tasmania to be their best bike tour EVER.

PedalTours Provides bike tours in New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam and India, both guided and self-guided options. In business since 1985, their site has many testimonials from happy customers, so they must be doing something right. Using the same accommodations as companies that charge much more (this is true of many locally owned operators), and with local guides trained to their standards, you get the best of both worlds. One thing I like about them: they guarantee a seat for everyone in the support van! (Believe me, that doesn’t always happen). Rider Reviews

Pedalers Pub & Grille - Specializing in bike tours of Asia (Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, China), Alaska and the New Zealand. Team members from Pedalers were instrumental in creating the first commercial cycling holidays in Japan and Thailand, and have been organizing and leading trips since the mid-1980s in Asia. These rides are designed for true cycling enthusiasts (read: challenging rides) and the prices are very reasonable, considering this is a luxury, full-service company. From the website: We never follow. We innovate, cycling the roads less traveled. Will design a custom tour for groups of 2 or more.

SpiceRoads- Another owner-operated tour company, this one started in the early 90's, and specializing in the entire Asian region (15 countries, including Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, China, et al). They provide a large range of options from day to multi-week trips, and a wide variety of excurisions. Their local expertise shows in the choice of lodging as well. From the site: Always aiming for local charm, we use the best of what is available Often 3-4 star hotels but sometimes we find a great route runs through an area where there isn't any accommodation, so we find a local family that is happy to work with us (North Thailand and North Laos) or we approach the local Buddhist monastery and arrange to stay as guests of the monks (Burma). As we find with many localized operators, they will design a custom tour for groups of any sizze. SpiceRoads requires only a minimum of 2 reservations and their group tours are never larger than 16 people. Rider Reviews

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